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« Everyone dreams of having more time. I make sure our clients get it. » - Marc Brulotte, Owner, Coursier Chronos

About Us

Coursier Chronos offers services for all those who don't have time… to waste their time doing errands. Whether it is for personal or professional needs, for an individual or for a company, its employees and its clients, Coursier Chronos helps save time and avoid hassles.

Whether the request comes from Montreal or elsewhere, one call will do. Our employees offer clients an efficient, rapid service according to their specifications, at the desired time and place!

Whatever the request, we always find a way to help those who don't have enough time in their day.

An innovative owner
Coursier Chronos is owned by Marc Brulotte. Over the years, he has developed a solid network of contacts and has successfully created an innovative messenger/concierge service based on trust and efficiency.